Lately, I have given a lot of thought to stones. Whether it was one I really wanted to throw at someone or one I used in a flower bed or one I imitated for a while for one reason or another (as in stone deaf when I didn’t want to listen to someone or rolling stone when I was never still for long).

At I wrote a testimony about when I was saved and I likened my lost, empty heart to a spider’s web that a child had thrown a stone through. I have written a poem at about the stones we do or do not turn over in our lives. Missing much maybe, but also finding that our life is not measured by the stones we looked under. Rather by what we did with those things, we did fine.

Stones can build a protective barrier around us, protecting us and what we have from vandalism. Creating a haven from the world to retreat to when you have had all of the un-common sense you can stand for a day. The meanness and pettiness of life that some seem to thrive on. It can act as a barrier to the harsh sounds of life too. Car horns blowing and tires screeching, trains screaming as their crossing signs clang out a warning. All of these can take a toll and it is nice to have a wall to step behind to take a break from it all for a while.

However, there are other walls of stone we can build that are not good for us. We can get so frustrated with life at times that we wish to close ourselves off completely. We come out only when it is necessary. Yes, this does shield us from the push and shove of life, but it also separates us from all people. Not only the bad, but the good too. We cannot live a healthy life separated totally from others. We were not designed to live a solitary existence. And this is what it would be, an existence only.

As to the stones, we sometimes wish to throw at others, it is better to remember the old saying about living in glass houses. And too the words of Jesus about him who is without sin casting the first stone. Not of us are perfect, though we all know some who think they are. The thing is this: We all want to be forgiven our mistakes, so we must also forgive others. What is fair for one is also fair for all. If we are stone throwers, we are in effect telling others it is okay to throw stones at us. Better to find another way of dealing with those who so upset us.

To my way of thinking, the best stone is a standing stone. One that symbolizes strength, and real importance to life. Such as a corner stone. Another way of saying it would be rock solid. Jesus is referred to as a rock. Meaning He is unchangeable, unshakable and unmovable. All through history, people have been standing stones up to memorialize something important. Stonehenge is an example. We may not know exactly what they were for, but it must have been very important to someone for them to exert so much time and energy to the cutting, moving and erecting of them.

Each of our lives are a standing stone. Our life and how we live it, shows what we stand for. Too often, we choose the easy path in life. But that is all it is: easy. The road less traveled is usually a harder path but at the end, is a greater reward. There is great merit and a lot of satisfaction in knowing you have done the right thing, regardless of what it cost you or how hard it was to accomplish. Which, of these two, do you think would bring the most satisfaction to your life: walking a mile to a water source when your are thirsty or walking a mile to a water source when you are thirsty, while carrying a thirsty crippled man?

So the next time you feel the urge to throw a stone at someone, stop yourself and look at the stone you hold. Think of all the other ways it can be used. Then build a wall with it or a flowerbed or plant that stone on a hill and say to yourself and the world, today I conquered anger and today I learned forgiveness.

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