Illegal Immigration

Today I have chosen to write about something that seems to be vanishing: common sense. Our government’s response to border problems with Mexico is another area that totally lacks any common sense. The illegal drug dealer who was shot by border patrols is a prime example. An idiot could see he was guilty of number one, transporting illegal drugs and two, of being in the country illegally. So pray tell, why it is the border patrol officers who are the ones now sitting in prison. If the law says it is wrong to sell illegal drugs and wrong to come into this country illegally then why is it not upheld?

 Maybe the patrol did break some law, but so did the illegal. Why punish one and let the other one go free? Especially since, he is the most dangerous. Who decides for us which laws we will enforce and when, and which we will just let slide? What good is a border patrol that is only allowed to watch and count the illegals coming across the border? So they can tell us we have a lot? WE KNOW THIS ALREADY!

This has nothing to do with having compassion for someone. It has to do with laws that were put in place for a reason, that are not being upheld. Why would the illegals even want to come into a country where you cannot depend on the laws? I know our court system is the best there is, but this does not excuse some of its failings. Why do they come here and then immediately start to complain and protest our laws and way of life? If you do not like us or how we do things, then stay home in your own country.

 What has happened to this country? Where are the people who can make sound, reasonable and just decisions? How did we get to this place where there is no longer any clear line drawn between right and wrong? Black or white? What kind of message does amnesty send to everyone? Can no one see how this open border hurts? Crime is on the rise. There are overcrowded hospitals and schools. Our children do not get a proper education or health care because we are spreading it thin to help those that are not being helped by their own homeland. This is nuts!!!

I understand why the illegals want to have a chance for a better life. It is hard for anyone to look and see their child in need. However, there is a right way to go about it. You cannot steal from another to provide for your own. If this is allowed to happen, we will return to the dark ages. To a time of “might wins”.Not only do I understand their plight and what they want, I do not object to them coming here to live and to work, if………! If they do it legally, and pay taxes, stay off welfare unless they are becoming a citizen, learn our language and quit protesting our laws to control our own borders!Once here, legally, they should help others to assimilate into our culture and to learn the language and basic laws of our country and about sanitation issues. Where I work you can always tell when we have new employees from another country. There is used toilet paper thrown in the floor. Very nasty habit, but I even understand this, after talking to one of them who told me in broken English, that where she came from there was no flushable toilet, no toilet paper, and no indoor plumbing. She thought that flushing the paper would stop up the toilet. Someone should have told her way before this point as she said she had been here for two months.God does recognize borders. Just look at His chosen people in Israel. He does love the illegals as He loves us and He wants us to love all of our brothers and sisters. He also wants us to help others and to not put ourselves above anyone else. However, He also said to obey man-made laws as long as they did not counter one of His.

When and an alien enters this country illegally, that is one offense. The next offense is when he/she obtains false documents to use for driving or employment. The next is when they enroll their children in public schools and when they go on welfare to obtain medical benefits to which they are not entitled. I work with some who earn as much as I do, but who do not take advantage of the company insurance plan (which is really good) because they can get free medical by telling a few lies. I do think that God frowns on these things, because they are all lies.

I believe that once a person has broken this many laws, it no longer matters to them what is just or right. All that matters to them is what they want and how they can get it for the least cost. They are guilty of putting themselves before and above all others. This is a no-no with God.

So how do we correct the problem of illegal aliens in our country? We start today to enforce our laws. We create a better plan for legal immigration, and we stop trying to make U.S. citizens change to accommodate those who wish to come here to live and work.

If we decided to go and live in Iraq, the government there would not make the Iraqis learn to speak our language. The teachers would not be forced to learn English to accommodate the new students. It would be our responsibility to learn the language of the host country.

As I said at the beginning of this post, there is no common sense used in this country anymore. However, it is still my country and I do not like what I see happening to it. Therefore I am speaking out.

Well this is starting to lean toward book length so I had best close for now. I would like to hear any comments on this subject. Pro or con.

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