Jillian Danielle Pasley and Roland Andrew Jeffords became one today


Jillian Danielle Pasley and Roland Andrew Jefford became one today.

I have just returned from the wedding. It was a lovely affair. The women looked like a garden of flowers, and the men were all so handsomely dressed. The bride was stunning: a vision of white, except for the warm brown of her smiling, dancing eyes. The flowers were fresh and dewy and the food was delicious. The cake brought chuckles, as the groom atop it was drug off by the bride. Overall, it was a wonderful wedding.

However, there was one other thing the eyes of this grandmother saw that made the day so very, very special. It was the way that Andrew looked at Jillian. The pride, the joy, and the love were written all over his face. It showed in how he took her hand and held it tenderly. His thumb gently rubbing her hand in a silent but loudly spoken, “I love you, I cherish you, you make me complete, I am overjoyed that you love me too.”

They were lost to the guest and the rest of the world as they stood and faced each other on this, their special day of becoming one. This is as it should be. Nothing save God in heaven should have been more important to them, and it was not. The baby chattering in the back row was unnoticed, the warm glow of the flickering candles was unseen, the coolness of the sanctuary was unfelt, the murmurings of the guests were unheard, and the fragrance of the flowers was not smelled. Only the silent message sent by their eyes and their joined hands was acknowledged: I love you forever.

How wonderful is the peace of mind this little insight has brought to me. They are so young, and have so many roads ahead of them. Roads that sometimes take a twisted route of trouble or a detour of pain. Somehow, I believe these two, who are now one, will make it just fine. They will pull together through the rough times and laugh together in the good times. And this is what makes a good marriage in the end, doing it all together and never losing sight of the one you love most.

So, I am happy tonight. I have much to be thankful for, even though one son is far away in Iraq. I am blessed to have a healthy, loving family, however scattered out we may be. No matter that more often than not we disagree on some things. We always agree to love one another, to forgive one another and never turn our back on one another.

I am blessed that I have a job I am able to do (even though I often complain about it). Blessed to have my Mother, who is 81, with me and that she is more able than me at times to get the job done that needs doing. Blessed to live in America, even with all of its dissention and bickering. Blessed to be able to sit back and see things that others sometime miss, like the way that Andrew looked at my precious Jillian today.

Today was a good day, a very good day indeed.

Read the poem I wrote for them at http://www.helium.com/tm/604150/sounds-lives-meshingdawn-whispering



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