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Enough! How To Take America Back Through Our Children

September 20, 2007

America The Beautiful

by Pamela Kay

What has happened to America? Where are the people who once valued freedom, decency and respectfulness? Why have our values been turned upside down and our vision so distorted, that we no longer see a line between right and wrong, sensible and stupid, funny and vulgar? Why have the lines been smudged or erased!

Language in this country is horrendous. Four letter words are used as punctuation. No one seems able to express them self with out using expletives that make my skin crawl. Take “brown nosing” for an example. Most probable do not know what it really refers to, they only know it means to curry favor. However, if you look at what it actually means and get a mental picture of it, it is repulsive.

Even those who have great, working vocabularies use this language. I believe it is an effort to fit in. This desire seems to drive our country. Being accepted is important to me too, but on my terms, not those of others. I say what is acceptable to me, not the one with the most personal power. These people are usually bullies and I will not be bullied into relinquishing my ideals to gain favor with them, in hopes that they will do me no harm.

That is how they gained their personal power in the first place. Well, most of them anyway. Those with the vile vicious wagging tongues that spread their venom about those who do not bow down to them. I see it in action everyday at work. Really nice people being forced out because they will not conform to the vulgarity that reigns. I say enough is enough!

Another thing that I do not understand is why our troops are bashed in the media when it is the policies of the country that may be at fault. Calling a national hero who put his very life on the line for all of us is an unthinkable act. And by a well-educated and wealthy woman who wields a lot of power. But again the line is blurred and Hillary Clinton stepped over it. What could she hope to gain from bashing General Petraeus? More power! She has not learned what enough is.

Modesty has all but disappeared in America, and nudity reigns supreme. The more you can show, the better. Hemlines have crept up as necklines have plunged. There is no longer anything left to a man’s imagination, so he searches in the day cares for something to tantalize him. He is searching for purity, which he is hard-pressed find in today’s modern woman. There are those who dress in a modest way, but they are few and far between.

If anatomy that was once required to be covered is not actually showing, it is covered so tightly it might as well be showing. Or it is so decorated that attention is drawn to it. Do women think this is the only way to catch a man’s eye? What about smiles, personality, values, faithfulness and intelligence?

Upside down is our dress code of today. Clothing that is “in style” must be either too small or too big. I am so tired of looking at ugly butts, boobs and bellies that I could scream!! I don’t even want to see the pretty ones. With people like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton setting our standard for the youth, I see no hope of it getting better. But I have had enough!

Children once were taught to show respect to their elders, their country, their flag and their president. But no more! Respect is passé, out the door, out of style, old fashioned and very much dead in America. Why? How did we move from there to here? How did our values change so quickly? The answer is television. And I have had enough of that too!

Television started out to be a good thing as did the splitting of the atom, which held hope of making deserts bloom, and feeding the masses. But, it went wrong when programmers realized there was more money to be made in shock than in educational, in sleazy than in nice, in shocking accusations than in truth and in x-rated than in family oriented.

So I ask you, where are the decent, law abiding, God-fearing people who will take America back? Will we sit on our hands or wring them until it is too late to redeem us? Do you think you can’t make a difference by yourself? You can make a difference and you can motivate others to join with you in fighting back against the ruination of our great country. Have you had enough? I have and I am fighting back!

What can you do? Vote! Encourage others to vote. Know the candidates and what they stand for, what they have voted for in the past. How they live their lives. It takes time to do these things, but isn’t the goal worth it? You can write letters of protest to senators and congressional representatives, to sponsors of bad television programs, to your council members, your mayor. Tell them what you think and what you want.

Get to know your own children better; they are the future of this country. And just as it did not take only one day for us to fall so far, it will take more than a day to right ourselves.. Know who your children’s friends are and what their family ideals are. Get to know the parents and see it they have the same moral values as you. Talk to your children; give them examples of how wrong behavior hurts them and others. Show them by the example of your living how to live in a decent way.

Find a way to take them to see other children in hospitals because of bad choices. Same thing with children that are incarcerated. Let them see what can happen to them. Encourage them to read about good role models. In addition, be one yourself.

Know their teachers and what their curriculum is at school. Don’t just assume they are being taught what they need to know. Teachers have agendas just as everyone else does. Are they putting their personal spin on things and leading your child off the right path? Find out by becoming involved.

If you find the schools approved curriculum not to your liking, try to change it. Go before the school board; rally other parents with your views. If this fails, consider taking your child out of public schools and placing them in a private one. Or try home schooling. Think you can’t afford it? Think again.

That second job in the household, which gives you a better standard of living, could be costing you dearly in the end. The best standard of living you can give to your children is a good right thinking education. They are your most important and valuable asset. They should be at the top of all agendas and priorities. What good are all the possessions in the world if your child is in prison, on drugs or lying mangled in a hospital bed?

When it comes to television as entertainment, limit the amount of time spent in front of the boob tube. It has been called that for a reason! Turn off the bad shows on TV and allow your children to watch only acceptable programming. Watch television with them.

Get outside with your children, no matter what their age is. Play basketball with them or run, swim, exercise, jump rope, or just take a walk with them. Teach them about the world and about history. Get involved with them in all ways. Yes, they may moan at first about spending time with you, but the average child of today really wants the approval and acceptance of their parents more that you might think.

If we, as concerned citizens of America, do not move now to change things for the better, they will only continue to change for the worse. Raise your voice and help restore the values and principles this great country was founded on. The danger of our country falling to a terrorist attack is great. But so is the danger of falling from within as ancient Rome did because of moral decay. I’ve had more than enough of politicians and organizations like the AFLCIO telling me how to live and cramming political correctness down my throat.

I already know what is correct and acceptable behavior at all times. I was taught in a time before Washington started pandering to special interest groups, before criminals had more rights than law-abiding citizens, when guarding our borders and obeying our laws meant something and when we as parents had a say in the raising of our children and what they were to be taught. Do you know what is right and just? Then let your voice ring out loud and shout from the rooftops that you have had enough!


Illegal Immigration

September 6, 2007

Today I have chosen to write about something that seems to be vanishing: common sense. Our government’s response to border problems with Mexico is another area that totally lacks any common sense. The illegal drug dealer who was shot by border patrols is a prime example. An idiot could see he was guilty of number one, transporting illegal drugs and two, of being in the country illegally. So pray tell, why it is the border patrol officers who are the ones now sitting in prison. If the law says it is wrong to sell illegal drugs and wrong to come into this country illegally then why is it not upheld?

 Maybe the patrol did break some law, but so did the illegal. Why punish one and let the other one go free? Especially since, he is the most dangerous. Who decides for us which laws we will enforce and when, and which we will just let slide? What good is a border patrol that is only allowed to watch and count the illegals coming across the border? So they can tell us we have a lot? WE KNOW THIS ALREADY!

This has nothing to do with having compassion for someone. It has to do with laws that were put in place for a reason, that are not being upheld. Why would the illegals even want to come into a country where you cannot depend on the laws? I know our court system is the best there is, but this does not excuse some of its failings. Why do they come here and then immediately start to complain and protest our laws and way of life? If you do not like us or how we do things, then stay home in your own country.

 What has happened to this country? Where are the people who can make sound, reasonable and just decisions? How did we get to this place where there is no longer any clear line drawn between right and wrong? Black or white? What kind of message does amnesty send to everyone? Can no one see how this open border hurts? Crime is on the rise. There are overcrowded hospitals and schools. Our children do not get a proper education or health care because we are spreading it thin to help those that are not being helped by their own homeland. This is nuts!!!

I understand why the illegals want to have a chance for a better life. It is hard for anyone to look and see their child in need. However, there is a right way to go about it. You cannot steal from another to provide for your own. If this is allowed to happen, we will return to the dark ages. To a time of “might wins”.Not only do I understand their plight and what they want, I do not object to them coming here to live and to work, if………! If they do it legally, and pay taxes, stay off welfare unless they are becoming a citizen, learn our language and quit protesting our laws to control our own borders!Once here, legally, they should help others to assimilate into our culture and to learn the language and basic laws of our country and about sanitation issues. Where I work you can always tell when we have new employees from another country. There is used toilet paper thrown in the floor. Very nasty habit, but I even understand this, after talking to one of them who told me in broken English, that where she came from there was no flushable toilet, no toilet paper, and no indoor plumbing. She thought that flushing the paper would stop up the toilet. Someone should have told her way before this point as she said she had been here for two months.God does recognize borders. Just look at His chosen people in Israel. He does love the illegals as He loves us and He wants us to love all of our brothers and sisters. He also wants us to help others and to not put ourselves above anyone else. However, He also said to obey man-made laws as long as they did not counter one of His.

When and an alien enters this country illegally, that is one offense. The next offense is when he/she obtains false documents to use for driving or employment. The next is when they enroll their children in public schools and when they go on welfare to obtain medical benefits to which they are not entitled. I work with some who earn as much as I do, but who do not take advantage of the company insurance plan (which is really good) because they can get free medical by telling a few lies. I do think that God frowns on these things, because they are all lies.

I believe that once a person has broken this many laws, it no longer matters to them what is just or right. All that matters to them is what they want and how they can get it for the least cost. They are guilty of putting themselves before and above all others. This is a no-no with God.

So how do we correct the problem of illegal aliens in our country? We start today to enforce our laws. We create a better plan for legal immigration, and we stop trying to make U.S. citizens change to accommodate those who wish to come here to live and work.

If we decided to go and live in Iraq, the government there would not make the Iraqis learn to speak our language. The teachers would not be forced to learn English to accommodate the new students. It would be our responsibility to learn the language of the host country.

As I said at the beginning of this post, there is no common sense used in this country anymore. However, it is still my country and I do not like what I see happening to it. Therefore I am speaking out.

Well this is starting to lean toward book length so I had best close for now. I would like to hear any comments on this subject. Pro or con.

Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs

September 4, 2007

I have calmed down about starting this blog and have decided that this should be interesting if nothing else. My mind is so full of things that touch my life everyday. One at the forefront is an email that was forwarded to me by my son. He is in the Army (has been for over half of his life) and is now in Iraq on his second tour there.

He is a big reader, as am I, or as I like to think I am. Anyway, the email was written in response to a student who did not think the University of Washington should have a memorial to honor a person who killed other people. The person in question here was a UW graduate “Pappy” Boyington who was a U>S> Marine aviator, who earned the Medal of Honor in WWII. This is the email he sent to her. (I have not included the names)

“I read of you ‘student activity’ regarding the proposed memorial to Col. Greg Boyington, USMC and a Medal of Honor winner. I suspect you will receive a bellyful of angry emails from conservative folks like me. You may be too young to appreciate fully the sacrifices of generations of servicemen and servicewomen on whose shoulders you and your fellow students stand. I forgive you for the untutored ways of youth and your naiveté.

It may be that you are, simply, a sheep. There’s no dishonor in being a sheep – – as long as you know and accept what you are. Please take a couple of minutes to read the following. And be grateful for the thousands – – millions – – of American sheepdogs who permit you the freedom to express even bad ideas.”

The following that he asked her to read was an article entitled ON SHEEP WOLVES AND SHEEPDOGS by LTC. (Ret) Dave Grossman, Ranger, PHD and author of ON KILLING.

I found this article online and read it. It made sense to me. The gist of it is this: We are one of three things, sheep, wolves, or sheepdogs. Sheep are the mass majority of people living today. Those who want to lead a nice quite peaceful life and not hurt anyone. Wolves are the killers of innocent sheep (murders, robbers, despot rulers, etc.). And the sheepdogs are the ones who protect the sheep (police, military etc.)

The sheep hate the thought of killing and of violence. They hate it so bad at times that they are in denial of it happening. They are afraid of the wolves. They are even afraid of the sheepdogs, because sometimes the sheepdogs have to resort to violence and killing to protect the sheep. They do not stop to think where they would be if there were no sheepdogs. And they wish they were not there at all. That is until they need them.

For an example, he talked about Columbine and what happened there. How many parents would have been okay with the school placing armed guards in the school? Almost none! But had there been armed and trained guards present the horror might never have happened. When the swat teams went in to Columbine they reported that they had to almost pee; the terrified children off themselves. And at that moment, the sheep did love the sheepdog.

My thoughts on this are: You cannot have it both ways. The sheepdogs cannot be there when we need them and just disappear when we don’t. That is not how it works. It takes hours and hours and sometimes years to be trained to do their jobs. It takes alertness and preparedness at all times to be an efficient sheepdog. This takes sacrifice that most of us have no understanding or appreciation of. If not prepared at all times how would they know when they would be needed? How would they get the job done?

So, I think that America should wake up. True it is that some of the wars we have fought were wrong. We have been lied to about the reasons of going to war. But this I not the sheepdogs fault. You don’t take away his food dish. You don’t try to make him feel shame for doing what he had sworn to do and what he did with honor. You go after the one who is at fault. I leave it to you to decide who that is and what you as a voter can do about it.

But as to the sheepdogs, let us not pay them tribute with only bones. But with all means at our disposal, let us honor the sacrifices they make daily so we may graze in peace.